PropertyPRO Online Licensing & Pricing

Annual subscription based rates

If you work in a large valuations firm and/or perform a large number of valuations in a year, the most cost-effective way to use PropertyPRO Online in your firm will be to license it on a per-Valuer basis.  This applies a monthly fee to anyone who signs and authorises valuations.  There are no fees for administrators or clerical users and just one monthly fee per Valuer.

      • 1 to 5 valuers – $115 plus GST per valuer per month
      • 6 to 10 valuers – $95 plus GST per valuer per month
      • Over 10 valuers – $75 plus GST per valuer per month 

Payment In Advance Offer – for firms wanting to pay the annual subscription fully in advance we will offer a 10% discount.

Voucher system rates

If you are a small valuations firm performing a low number of valuations in a year, there is an alternative licensing approach available. Taking this approach to the licence, firms may pre-pay for the capability to prepare an agreed number of new valuations on the system.  We are using the term “voucher” to describe this concept, where one voucher pays for one completed and reported valuation in the PropertyPro Online System, whether or not the valuation needs to be countersigned and irrespective of the number of valuers in the firm. Pre-Paid vouchers do not expire and can be used at any time.  PropertyPRO administration staff will keep track of the number of vouchers used (valuations prepared) and will alert the firm as the number of pre-paid vouchers run out.  Additional vouchers may be purchased at any time.

The fees for the voucher system are as follows:

  • 20 voucher block – $180 plus GST ($9.00 per val)
  • 50 voucher block – $400 plus GST ($8.00 per val)
  • 100 voucher block – $700 plus GST ($7.00 per val)
  • 200 voucher block – $1,150 plus GST ($5.75 per val)

Data Import

For users upgrading from earlier versions of PropertyPro we offer an import and conversion process.  There is a fee for this service.  It is presently $500 plus GST for data from one firm.  If you have two or more firms’ data to import, please discuss your needs with us so a fee can be agreed depending on the scale of the work involved.

There are also some conditions which apply to data import.  We do not guarantee that your data can all be imported.  There are some rare circumstances, especially in respect of extremely old versions of the software and versions of its operating environment, where conversion and import can prove difficult.  If that situation arises with your data we will discuss it with you and a decision to exclude certain data may be taken.

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