Web-based software for professional property Valuers

    • developed in partnership with API

    • Supports the revised API memorandum (2012)

    • RVSA reports in approved API format

PropertyPRO Online continues the 10 year tradition from earlier versions but is now fully web-based.

PropertyPRO Online provides a simple, cost-effective way to create, store and manage valuation data and to report it in accord with the 2011/12 revised Australian Property Institute (API) Memorandum for full-RVSA and restricted-RVSA valuations, and in other formats for other purposes.

PropertyPRO Online is the simplest and best way to produce professional property valuations of many types – residential (including multiple-occupancy, commercial, vacant land and to-be-erected projects).

PropertyPRO Online suits single-person or multi-site multi-person Valuation Practices.

PropertyPRO Online empowers valuers by taking the stress out of managing valuation data. Backed by the Australian Property Institute, PropertyPRO Online provides users with a professional and standardised valuation process and Residential Mortgage Security Assessment reporting system.

NEW Features – PropertyPRO Online

PropertyPRO Online has all the functions of the popular and familiar PropertyPRO V2 PLUS:

  • No need to own and manage computer file servers to create, keep and back-up valuations – that’s all included.
  • Use anywhere with a web connection.More report formats.
  • More photo storage.

    and now with helpful WORKFLOW built-in:
  • Receive, allocate, track, report, send and close valuations. 
  • Supports data entry by junior staff with validation / edits by Valuer.
  • Route valuations which need counter-signing.
  • Notify relevant staff of milestones as a valuation proceeds.

The new Online version continues to offer these Standard Features:

  • Comprehensive API-approved data fields to meet RVSA and other report requirements.
  • Load and re-use sales evidence.
  • Powerful search functions to find/retrieve valuations and sales evidence.
  • Firm-specific tailoring for logos and data selection options.
  • Support for multi-location firms and personnel
  • No limits to number of valuations