Getting started with PropertyPRO Online

If you are an existing user of an earlier version:  Upgrading is easy.
Take a back-up of your existing system and send it to us.  We do the rest.  When you log-in to the new system all your data, (valuations and sales evidence) and your configurations are preserved and are ready for you.

If you are a new user:  You can be up and running within a day or so of us receiving your order.
We set up your firm’s basic details and deliver a sample configuration with many of the configurable items already set-up.  You fine-tune those, and configure the firm-specific and people-specific aspects to your specific needs.

System requirements have never been simpler

To use PropertyPRO Online you will simply need the following:

  • Internet-capable PC (screen 1280  x 720 or larger  running Microsoft Internet Explorer V6/7/8/9)
  • A broadband Internet connection
  • An email address