Here are some questions and answers you may find helpful….

Can old valuations from my earlier PropertyPRO system be imported to the new system?
Yes, quite painlessly.  Data can be cleaned-up on the way in, as well, if necessary.

I have valuations data from two or more older PropertyPRO systems.  Can these all be combined as part of the import process?

Will the administrative set-up of my existing PropertyPRO system be brought across into the new Online system.

Who owns the valuations data in this new Online approach?
You own your data.

Will my valuation data be secure?
Yes.  The actual database lives in a secure data centre.  It is backed-up every few minutes, and other copies are kept as well, just in case the data centre has a problem.   Data is quarantined so that firms and users can never see any data except their own.

Can I have periodic copies of my data to keep at my premises?
Yes, for a small fee.

If I terminate my relationship with PropertyPRO one day, can I get my data out in a form that can be taken elsewhere?

Does this Online version support the new API Memorandum?
Yes.  We believe it contains all the new and revised rules, and conforms to the revised RVSA report format

Does release 3.0 handle invoicing as well?

Does release 3.0 handle the Restricted RVSA report?

Does release 3.0 handle the non=RVSA reports as well – such as valuations for family law, CGT and so on?

Does release 3.0 handle two residences on the one title as required by the API Memorandum?

Will there be more releases / versions of PropertyPRO Online?
Version 3.0 is the first full release of the Online system.  We anticipate new minor releases every month from now on to fix things that may need adjustment.  We plan major releases every three months where significant new or changed functionality will be made available.