Web-based software for professional property Valuers

Prepare Residential Valuation and Security Assessment (RVSA) reports and other valuations with one low-cost, powerful system.

It is the simplest and best way to produce professional property valuations of many types. The principal focus of the PropertyPRO system is residential valuations for mortgage purposes, in accord with the API Memorandum. But valuations for other purposes, such as vacant land and to-be-erected projects, valuations for tax, legal or other private purposes and some limited commercial property valuations can also be accommodated within this one system.

You will appreciate PropertyPRO Online’s user-friendly screens, online help and rich functionality.

PropertyPRO Online is more scalable than ever before. So, whether you’re a single-person practice, or a multi-site, multi-person valuation house, PropertyPRO online has the features and functions you need.